@ Nairport SeaTac, WA 3/2017

stone trees _ NairportFair Lady_Weep Wave CollageMichete _ NairportAmateur Eyes _ Nairport

  1.  Stone Trees
  2. Weep Wave
  3. Michete
  4. Amateur Eyes

Photoshop tutorial set 1

Layers Practice TJW Fashion2 Perspective  Image Adjustment


it has taken longer than it should have, but I’m happy to submit the first set of projects that I’ve used as practice for the photoshop tutorial unit.

Tragically I spent the entire week working on the copyright quiz when it wasn’t even due this week. So in an flood of frustration and panic, my computer was dragged about cyberspace to accomplish these.

So basically, these pictures of examples of topics/concepts of photoshop that will be applied further down the unit.

The collage demonstrates layering.

the picture with the selfie, was to work on blending.

the painting was to focus on  perspective

and finally the house was to practice photo adjustments.

There is more I have to finish for the tutorials, but I will post them tomorrow.

Thanks everyone.