Current Resume

Resume 7_2017



This footage contains myself reading a poem that I wrote last year.

also a metronome on two different settings.

I haven’t applied any editing yet.

I also intend to add more sound affects. as well as better voicing.

there is a background story to when I wrote this.

Basically I went to a cafe called the metronome to see a band called Lucky Fix. At the time I was reading surreal poetry by Charles SImic. SO I hope that explains the randomness of the story.

Draft logo-illustrator


This here… in PDF format is my Draft Logo. I personally wanted to step out of logos for a more ambitious concept I had from an earlier unit in COM 210. Over the summer I came up with a name for my solo music project called “Trevor Williams & His Imaginary Friends” and for this entire time I had an idea how I would want an album cover to look. So instead of a logo, I’m working on an album cover. I started this concept with the ellipses tool along with the envelope distort tool (tools we learned in the lemon logo tutorial in class), in order to create the letters. Then after using line segment tool, ellipses tool, and paint brush tool I then added the physical features to make the letters into creatures and monsters. Keeping in mind that this is only in draft format, I still have a lot of work to put into it. First, would be to refine the edges of the characters and apply what I learned from the bunny tutorial to bring these characters to life. Second would be to work on the negative space, from the mesh tool that I learned from the glowing lights tutorial, will want to give my cover a background that reflects a cerebral tone to image. So far, that is all I can think of to add for the final submission next week. If any of my classmates have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

Illustrator tutorials

FIST LOGO FINAL PINK RABBIT glowing abstract lemon final

These are all the illustrator tutorials that I picked for this new unit.
I selected to do the bunny because it was the one i was most interested with.
I had trouble with the glowing abstract project, with the little orbs. I was too frustrated to get them right. I followed the instructions but I still got the spotlight looking stuff.
Over all I did have a good time making these tutorials.
to porepare for the draft and final logo. I will work on the other tutorials to learn all I can.

Final Graphic Collage


Before this final collage I had some difficulty with my project. Most of it was just making those logos, and realizing those images would be better for the class’s next unit on illustrator. So I simply used the photos from my photo collection from a previous assignment. Making the final product wasn’t hard at all. I simply changed the layers for all the photos to blend in more smoothly and it worked out perfectly with the colors and style of the image i was going for. On top of that, making more “play audio only” logo was not too difficult either. These photos were taken during the week of welcome concert event at WSU. A fun little story, I went to this concert to make a “mock” news article, at the time I applied for a job as a reporter for the daily evergreen school newspaper. By taking some intitative, after their performances I interviewed both bands, and got to know them and vice versa. They were all very cool people and WSU alumni. It was an inspiring moment for my decision to go into journalism.