ACT 1 Theatre’s Sylvia

My most recent experience as an act in almost, if not longer, a year. ACT 1 Theatre is a Non-Profit Theater company stationed in Sumner, WA. The production was performed in Puyallup’s Liberty Theater which is basically a historical landmark in the town. This was ACT 1 first production there — I could be wrong because I usually am — and the Liberty’s first production in more than 24 years, or at least since I’ve lived in this town. I felt very lucky to be part of this production since in some ways I felt recognized as an actor. Since graduating from Washington State University, it’s been tough to say the least. From my current unemployment, to the uncertainty of pursuing a graduate degree, and all in all indecisiveness of what’s next left me feel depressed and anxious. I am very thankful for ACT 1 welcoming me into their community, and hope more is yet to come with them. Please support their efforts by donating to their webpage, From one who’s been living in this town for most of my life,┬áit’s safe for me to say Puyallup isn’t center of culture, but it certainly has potential if the community can pull it’s act together.



My second one-act play

Over the summer of 2016, I wrote my second one-act.

Not the original idea I planned on writing, but the one I managed to finish.

When fall semester started I submitted it for the 2016 production of Stage One, but no luck.

Maybe I’ll get a chance to revise it, and improve upon it at some point.

Reach out to me if you’re interested to read it and offer some constructive criticism; till then it’s on the shelf.

My Contribution to the Daily Evergreen

During my first semester at Washington State University, I took steps to apply myself in the fields of journalism; back when I saw myself as Communication major. I started as a reporter for the Life section focusing on culture and arts around the Palouse. Sadly I only worked for a semester because I was unable to keep up with the DE’s demand for an article a week. Yet it felt like one of the most rewarding experiences upon my arrival in Pullman.

Stage Managing for Avec Schmaltz 2016


In the first half of 2016, I took the initiative to make a new experience in theater off stage as a Stage Manager. Basically, what it came down to was keeping track of everyone and everything that the directors need during rehearsals, performances, and everything in between; props, schedules, audition materials, stage directions, cast attendance, sound and light cues, and house shows. A great step for my theater reputation.

Eurydice: Assistant Sound Designer & Dramaturg


Early on of Fall 2016, I knew I had one last chance to contribute to Theater. Starting out in the summer, I advocated to Mary Trotter to be a part of the play in anyway shape or form. From conversation about concepts of the play, then auditioning, and being selected for Dramaturg and Assistant Sound Designer. I gained two more experiences for the price of one.

COMJOUR 466: A day in the life project

Perhaps my favorite project I did for the class, because it was the most simple, it was emotional, and the most experimental. I owe a lot to my friend James Handy ( for his help in this project. The objective of this was to pick an object and it’s relveance in my day to day life, and at that time, I started a job at the school library, I was stage managing for a play, and my anxiety was through the roof over my academia. The compliation of sounds in the audio is meant to be a retrospection of the recent events of the day as I work during a graveyard shift. the ending could a better fade out though.

COMJOUR 466: Location bit

The problem I had for this bit was the loss of the objective of my film, to explore a space to tell a story, and I ended up making it a publicity piece for a play I was stage managing for last year. I made my first attempt in film score with these pieces being original compositions. One other aspect that I liked out of this project was the use of L editing. Where the shot changes happen in an L shape in Avid. I’d say it looked rather seamless.