Newest AMV

I knew I had one more in me, I just didn’t know what that one would be. Thankfully I listened to youngster jiji’s Barbarossa EP again, and the featured track actually references my favorite anime, “Akira,” (1988) So I thought I’d do the same as I did with my first AMV.

Because of the more compact and less dynamic tempo of the song, I found it harder to edit the footage to the music more precisely, so I rather made it fit into the chorus, verses, and feature to the story of the film.

Hope you enjoy, and please support the original creators.


My first Animated Music Video

Since graduation, I have had a hard time. Feeling uninspired, and ultimately depressed. Over the April Fool’s Day weekend, I was in Seattle for a music show, supporting friends and acquaintances, when the idea of combining this song with footage of the new fifth season.

The new episodes of Samurai Jack have been a mild to moderate obsession since it has managed to tap into this bank of nostalgia that has been part of current trend, but one that I managed to ignore until now.

The song, created by Youngster Jiji is a song that has thematically and theatrically captured my interest and imagination since Halloween last year with the use of dynamic dualism, conflicting emotions, and energy.

The experience took me less than 36 hours, and I gotta say, I’m quite pleased with myself. Back when I was taking an editing class, I had such a rush and excitement in my work, and it felt good to feel that again.

For clairvoyance and transparency, I do not own the materials of said footage, but I strongly support them, and encourage others to do so.



Final Video – Nuthouse Alumni Show

Well here it is, my first and final draft of my video project for the adobe premiere unit.

The footage features this year’s Alumni Show, from Nuthouse Improv Comedy Club here at WSU.

Nuthouse Improv Comedy was the first club I joined when I enrolled into WSU.

One of my inspirational heroes, Stephen Colbert, started his career as a comedian in Second City, an infamous improve comedy troupe based in Chicago. So, instinctively I joined to learn and see how improvisational comedy can benefit my life.

There is a lot more to Nuthouse than trying to get the most laughs.

There is a lot of communication, trust, confidence, and adaptability involved in the club meetings and rehearsals.

This show was a unique experience, for my project, and learning about improve. The alumni show event consisted of two shows in one weekend. The first show (featured in this video) consisted purely of the Alumni, the second show also casted current members of the comedy troupe. Getting to see the former Nuts coming back and were able to come back for a weekend as though a day hasn’t gone by since they left.

For the show I had two cameras stationed on opposite  ends of the stage, and they essentially captured the entire cast in all the right angles.

I had one camera rolling nonstop from beginning to end, then the other took footage at 2 minutes blocks to save battery space. The first camera acted as cornerstone for audio and video. The second camera acted as the “sniper”, if the cornerstone didn’t have it, camera two would take the shot.

By Unlinking the video and audio from camera one from each other, editing was very simple. I only had to coordinate the videos to the sound, and not having to deal with both.

A bummer during the editing process was the first scene of introducing the cast. The Technician was new and this was her first show, but the volume of the music drowned out her voice. Luckily the president of Nuthouse kept old headshots from when the alumni cast were still in school and he was generous enough to send them to me.

The problem with this though was they were not digital, so the pictures he sent me had all these glares, if I had  more time I would have gone on photoshop to fix the glares, but from the tutorials I saw there wasn’t much I would have been able to do.

After that it was simple enough for the footage to fit on the screen by the effect controls > motion>scale. Then adding the headshots and titles.

Now behold, my first completed film.