@ The Hideout Feb 2017

(from left to right)

Bogi  https://soundcloud.com/heresbogi

bandapears: https://soundcloud.com/bandapears

Harland Griffin: https://soundcloud.com/harlandgriffin206

Hezza Fezza: https://soundcloud.com/hezzafezza

Sir Nicolas: https://soundcloud.com/sir_nicolas

SlickBackMac: https://soundcloud.com/slickbackmac

Distinct Thursdays @ Lucky Liquor Jan. 2017

at the start of 2017, I began my internship with Distinction Music Management – a local agency dedicating to provide local music artists a performance and marketing outlet in Seattle. For a few months, DMM held monthly gigs at Lucky Liquor in Tukwila, but has retired that since then. This was our January lineup.

Hekl, The Mad Scientist https://soundcloud.com/heklthemadscientist

DJ Corndogg https://soundcloud.com/dj-corndogg

Ancient Mariner

Raven Matthews https://soundcloud.com/ravenmatthews

Michete http://www.michete.com/, https://soundcloud.com/michetemusic

ENG 300: Computers & English

Game Play Movie poster

Photoshop: Movie Poster Assignment, rough draft

Illustrator TJW & HIS BT – album cover

Ilustrator: Blades & Fades Logo finished – Logo

Indesign: Copy not found

This will be my last item place in from the time-span I spent in Washington State University. This class gave me the opportunity to keep pursuing a sense of craftsmanship and understanding of adobe software.

Photocredits shout out to Lucas Sii Photography, Clarice Cohn, Seiji Photography, and Iquisitive Geek

Poem entry: Consciousness


This is a poem I wrote over the summer with hopes to submit for Poetry on Buses in King County, WA. Due to difficulties in the submission process, I was unable to. So I thought to myself I’ll post it here.

Using photoshop, I took a panoramic photo I made of a stream in Pullman and set the stanzas in a layout. I tried a lot of different approaches in photo levels, text fonts, and etc. in order to put everything together in a legible manner. This might not have been the best I could have done, but there is sincerity in simplicity.