@ Nairport SeaTac, WA 3/2017

stone trees _ NairportFair Lady_Weep Wave CollageMichete _ NairportAmateur Eyes _ Nairport

  1.  Stone Trees
  2. Weep Wave
  3. Michete
  4. Amateur Eyes

@ The Hideout Feb 2017

(from left to right)



Harland Griffin:

Hezza Fezza:

Sir Nicolas:


Distinct Thursdays @ Lucky Liquor Jan. 2017

at the start of 2017, I began my internship with Distinction Music Management – a local agency dedicating to provide local music artists a performance and marketing outlet in Seattle. For a few months, DMM held monthly gigs at Lucky Liquor in Tukwila, but has retired that since then. This was our January lineup.

Hekl, The Mad Scientist

DJ Corndogg

Ancient Mariner

Raven Matthews


Poem entry: Consciousness


This is a poem I wrote over the summer with hopes to submit for Poetry on Buses in King County, WA. Due to difficulties in the submission process, I was unable to. So I thought to myself I’ll post it here.

Using photoshop, I took a panoramic photo I made of a stream in Pullman and set the stanzas in a layout. I tried a lot of different approaches in photo levels, text fonts, and etc. in order to put everything together in a legible manner. This might not have been the best I could have done, but there is sincerity in simplicity.