Newest AMV

I knew I had one more in me, I just didn’t know what that one would be. Thankfully I listened to youngster jiji’s Barbarossa EP again, and the featured track actually references my favorite anime, “Akira,” (1988) So I thought I’d do the same as I did with my first AMV.

Because of the more compact and less dynamic tempo of the song, I found it harder to edit the footage to the music more precisely, so I rather made it fit into the chorus, verses, and feature to the story of the film.

Hope you enjoy, and please support the original creators.


My first Animated Music Video

Since graduation, I have had a hard time. Feeling uninspired, and ultimately depressed. Over the April Fool’s Day weekend, I was in Seattle for a music show, supporting friends and acquaintances, when the idea of combining this song with footage of the new fifth season.

The new episodes of Samurai Jack have been a mild to moderate obsession since it has managed to tap into this bank of nostalgia that has been part of current trend, but one that I managed to ignore until now.

The song, created by Youngster Jiji is a song that has thematically and theatrically captured my interest and imagination since Halloween last year with the use of dynamic dualism, conflicting emotions, and energy.

The experience took me less than 36 hours, and I gotta say, I’m quite pleased with myself. Back when I was taking an editing class, I had such a rush and excitement in my work, and it felt good to feel that again.

For clairvoyance and transparency, I do not own the materials of said footage, but I strongly support them, and encourage others to do so.



COMJOUR 466: A day in the life project

Perhaps my favorite project I did for the class, because it was the most simple, it was emotional, and the most experimental. I owe a lot to my friend James Handy ( for his help in this project. The objective of this was to pick an object and it’s relveance in my day to day life, and at that time, I started a job at the school library, I was stage managing for a play, and my anxiety was through the roof over my academia. The compliation of sounds in the audio is meant to be a retrospection of the recent events of the day as I work during a graveyard shift. the ending could a better fade out though.

COMJOUR 466: Location bit

The problem I had for this bit was the loss of the objective of my film, to explore a space to tell a story, and I ended up making it a publicity piece for a play I was stage managing for last year. I made my first attempt in film score with these pieces being original compositions. One other aspect that I liked out of this project was the use of L editing. Where the shot changes happen in an L shape in Avid. I’d say it looked rather seamless.

COMJOUR 466: Digital Editing Final Project

My first directorial piece that featured a cast and crew. As this was my first script for my Writing for Television course, this became my last project for my digital broadcast editing course. Murphy’s Law was dogmatic in this process, and with most failures you learn the most lessons. I hope to go back to this script, and give this project a reboot someday.


DTC 355 Project #1 Blog #7

Rather than having a slideshow about noir film conventions, I wanted to replicate the cinematography to demonstrate it and add the stereotypical narrative of the protagonist. From the shots using misc-en-scene to frame out the proximity, to audio mixing of the music, and the black and white editing of the footage. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and as an aspiring actor, scriptwriter, and filmmaker I wanted to display genre conventions by making a film about films for aspiring filmmakers to understand the craft cinema. Contrast of audio and visual. Emphasis of certain objects in certain shots. All of these sort of details need to be deliberately made in order to add a narrative to a plot that is timeless.