ACT 1 Theatre’s Sylvia

My most recent experience as an act in almost, if not longer, a year. ACT 1 Theatre is a Non-Profit Theater company stationed in Sumner, WA. The production was performed in Puyallup’s Liberty Theater which is basically a historical landmark in the town. This was ACT 1 first production there — I could be wrong because I usually am — and the Liberty’s first production in more than 24 years, or at least since I’ve lived in this town. I felt very lucky to be part of this production since in some ways I felt recognized as an actor. Since graduating from Washington State University, it’s been tough to say the least. From my current unemployment, to the uncertainty of pursuing a graduate degree, and all in all indecisiveness of what’s next left me feel depressed and anxious. I am very thankful for ACT 1 welcoming me into their community, and hope more is yet to come with them. Please support their efforts by donating to their webpage, From one who’s been living in this town for most of my life,┬áit’s safe for me to say Puyallup isn’t center of culture, but it certainly has potential if the community can pull it’s act together.



Comjour 466: NAT projects

basically using natural voices to provide a narrative, I based this project based off of the the sounds and experiences that I legitimatize my own lack of work ethic from time to time. This project was difficult simply because I had to do this all on my own, and those cameras are heavy.

WSUPA Acting portfolio: Performance Project 2015


In the Spring of 2015, I was cast for Washington State University Performing Arts: Performance Project. A theatrical production as well as a scholarship opportunity for ten students to submit a rhetorical/creative piece in a particular subject. The selected subject of this year was domestic violence and sexual assault. My piece was a poem, on a personal experience in he subject. I got to perform my poem as a spoken word. This was the first time my poetry has been given an audience.





2016 SEB Guerrilla Film Festival Submission


Once again, for a second year in a row. My associates in Freshly Waxed Moose, participated in the Student Entertainment Board 48 hour Guerrilla Film Festival. We were given a genre: Nature, a prop: a pineapple, and a line: “two down ; one to go.” With myself accredited for writing and acting, this was a terrific experience for both occasions.

DTC 355 Project #1 Blog #7

Rather than having a slideshow about noir film conventions, I wanted to replicate the cinematography to demonstrate it and add the stereotypical narrative of the protagonist. From the shots using misc-en-scene to frame out the proximity, to audio mixing of the music, and the black and white editing of the footage. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and as an aspiring actor, scriptwriter, and filmmaker I wanted to display genre conventions by making a film about films for aspiring filmmakers to understand the craft cinema. Contrast of audio and visual. Emphasis of certain objects in certain shots. All of these sort of details need to be deliberately made in order to add a narrative to a plot that is timeless.